16th National conference of

The Indian Association of Respiratory Care


Bangalore Medical College

Date : 06 - 08 October 2023

About RESCARE 2023

About RESCARE 2023

We are pleased to announce the 16th National Conference of the Indian Association of Respiratory Care (IARC), RESCARE'23, which will be held in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, also known as the medical hub of India. The organizing committee extends a warm welcome to all the national and international respiratory care and other healthcare professionals to join us in this highly anticipated event.

Taking place from October 6 to 8, 2023, at the beautiful and world-renowned campus of Bangalore Medical College, RESCARE'23 promises to be an unparalleled gathering of respiratory and allied healthcare care professionals in India. The conference offers a comprehensive array of educational and networking opportunities, expertly curetted for delegates to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field. As one of the largest national conferences of its kind, RESCARE'23 provides a unique platform for professionals to exchange ideas and information, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative solutions to the challenges facing the field of respiratory care. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from renowned experts in the field, participate in interactive workshops and panel discussions, and engage in meaningful networking opportunities with peers and colleagues.

In summary, we invite you to join us for RESCARE'23, an exceptional opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, expand your knowledge, and contribute to the advancement of respiratory and critical care in India and beyond.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bengaluru and the beautiful campus of Bangalore Medical College in October 2023.

Event Overview

Key features of the hybrid workshop as part of RESCARE'23:

  • Accreditation by the Indian Academy of Respiratory Care (IARC): The topics has been meticulously developed in accordance with the guidance and standards set by the Academic Wing of IARC.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The workshop covers essential topics in Respiratory Therapy including:
    • HFOV
    • ECMO
    • Lung ultrasound

Participants will gain a deep understanding of the field and acquire practical skills to excel in their roles.

  • Hybrid Learning Experience:
    Our innovative approach combines: Online lectures
    • Interactive modules
    • Case studies
    • Practical hands-on sessions

This hybrid format allows participants to learn at their own pace, engage with experienced instructors, and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Participants can access course materials and lectures online from anywhere, at any time. Practical sessions are strategically scheduled in different hospital setups to ensure minimal disruption to their work schedules, allowing them to apply their newly acquired skills in a controlled environment.
  • Networking and Professional Growth Opportunities: Limited to 50 participants, the workshop provides a chance to interact with a diverse group of respiratory therapists and industry professionals. This fosters valuable connections and expands their professional network. Additionally, successful completion of the course will lead to a recognized certification, which will be awarded on Day 3 of RESCARE'23, strengthening participants' credentials within the field.

These key features make the hybrid workshop an exceptional opportunity for respiratory care professionals to enhance their knowledge, acquire practical skills, network with peers and industry experts, and advance their careers in the field.

Conference Committee

Chief Patron

Padmashree Dr . C. N Manjunath
Director, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research Center, Bengaluru.


Dr M K Ramesh
Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor RGUHS

Co - Patrons

  • Dr Ramesh Krishna. K
  • Dr Shashi Bhushana B.L
  • Dr Rajesh Shenoy
  • Dr G Arun Mayya

  • Organizing Chairman

  • Dr Harish Mallapura Maheshwarappa

  • Organizing Co-Chair

  • Mr Lokesh K A

  • Organizing Secretary

  • Mr Shareef N M

  • Treasurer

  • Mr Franklin Binoy Jestin

  • Executive Committee

  • Mrs Bijula T V
  • Ms Aparna K M
  • Mrs Mahera Tabassum
  • Mrs Moumitha Chakraborty
  • Mr Tamil Selvan
  • Mr Vishnu T C
  • Mr Sahed Bin Shrouf
  • Ms Juliet Saji
  • Ms Reshmi Chandran
  • Ms Nikitha
  • Ms Sushama
  • Mr Jithin VV

  • Scientific Committee Chair

  • Dr Parimala Prasanna Simha

  • Scientific Committee

  • Dr Jerry Paul
  • Dr Jithin k Sreedharan
  • Dr Manjush Karthika
  • Dr Saumy Johnson
  • Prof Vijay Deshpandey
  • Dr Arjun Alva
  • Mr Amal Joseph
  • Dr Lokesh K.S
  • Ms Pratibha Todur
  • Mrs Mangal S Madawal
  • Mr Kishor Kumar
  • Mrs Vaishnavi Deshmukh
  • Mr Thangamani V
  • Ms Madhuragauri Shevde
  • Mrs Kumari Sulochana
  • Mr Selvakumar
  • Ms Abi das R.J
  • Ms Ummi Salma
  • Mr Sriharsha Tatinenti
  • Mr Aakash Madan Soni

  • Cultural Programs and Competitions Committee Chairman

  • Mr Sahed Bin Shrouf

  • Cultural Programs and Competitions Committee

  • Ms Juliet Saji
  • Ms Angel Jimmy
  • Ms Aparna K M
  • Ms Raniya Ismail
  • Ms Reshmi Candran

  • Hospitality and Registrations Committee Chairman

  • Mr Hareesh Balakrishnan

  • Hospitality and Registrations Committee

  • Mr Tamil selvan
  • Ms Nikitha
  • Ms Lincy Thomas
  • Ms Deepthi S.K
  • Ms Sushma H.S
  • Ms Nida Sahar
  • Mr Mudasir Ahmed
  • Mr Srinath KN
  • Mr Irshad P

  • Web Access and Operations Chairman

  • Dr Jithin K Sree

  • Web Access and Operations Committee

  • Ms Tisha Ann Skariah
  • Mrs Kumari Sulochana
  • Mr Gokul Krishna

  • Event Schedule

    Here is our event schedule

    Day - 1 : 06-Oct-2023

    Meet the expert session: An unplugged one to one discussion

    Critical Care: - 2 sessions

    Step wise approach to respiratory failure in ICU

    Speaker : Dr. Sabarish.P.MD,DNB
    Consultant in Critical care Medicine, KauveryHospital, Bangalore

    Acute respiratory distress syndrome: New definition, current and future therapeutic options

    Speaker : Ms. Pratibha TodurMSc. RT
    Associate Professor, Head-Department of Respiratory Therapy,MCHP,MAHE,Manipal.

    Shock in critically ill patient: Assessment and optimization

    Speaker : Dr. Parimala Prasanna Simha.MD,DM
    Professor, Dept. Of Anesthesiology, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology,Bangalore

    Nutrition in critically ill respiratory patients

    Speaker : Mr. Kishore KumarMSc. RT
    Chettinadu Hospital and research Institute, Chennai.

    ICU acquired weakness – Diagnosis and management

    Speaker : Mr. Sriharsha Tatineni BSc. RT,RRT, FIARC
    Senior Respiratory Therapist, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


    Managing difficult airway in ICU: Protocolized approach

    Speaker : Ms. Abidas R.J. MSc. RT
    Asst Professor and Clinical In-charge, AJ Institute of Allied health science, Mangalore

    Inhalational therapy in ICU: What to give and whom to give?

    Speaker : Mr. Mudasir AhmedBSc. RT
    Respiratory Therapist, IGOT Victoria campus, Bangalore

    Approach to arterial blood gas analysis: An overview

    Speaker : Mr.Tamil SelvanMSc. RT,FNIV
    Lecture in Dept of Respiratory Therapy, BGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences,Bangalore.

    Dyselectrolytemiarelevant to RTs

    Speaker : Dr. Marutheesh M. MD,IDCCM,IFCCM
    Consultant in Critical care Medicine, Kauvery Hospital,Bangalore


    High-frequency chest wall oscillation: An Overview

    Speaker : Dr Harish M M

    Proning or ECMO: When and which patients?

    Speaker : Dr. Harish MallapuraMaheshwarappa
    MD,DM(Critical care medicine, TMH), DNB, IDCCM, EDIC (Dublin),Fellowship in Infectious Diseases, MBA(Health Care Management)
    Director - Institute of Critical Care Medicine, Kauvery Hospitals, Bengaluru

    ComplicationsduringECMO: Monitoring and troubleshooting

    Speaker : Dr. Manjush KarthikaPhD, PDF, FISQua, FIARC
    Head- Department of Health and Medical Sciences,Liwa College, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    ECMO retrieval-preparedness and process: role of RTs

    Speaker : Ms. Ummi SalmaBSc. RT
    Senior Respiratory Therapist, Narayana Health City,Bangalore

    Q & A

    Ventilatory management of COPD/Asthma

    Speaker : Mr. Lokesh K. A. BSc. RT
    Senior Respiratory Therapist, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular sciences and Research,Bangalore

    Sleepapnea: Structured approach to diagnosis and management

    Speaker : Ms. Sreeranjini Vinodkrishnan MSc. RT
    Respiratory Therapist, Narayana Health City,Bangalore

    Awakening to better sleep: Exploring emerging trends in sleep medicine for restful nights and healthier days

    Speaker : Mr.S. Selva Kumar
    Senior Respiratory Therapist, Dept of Respiratory Medicine(CMC Vellore)

    Q & A and Tea Break

    Day - 2 : 07-Oct-2023

    Meet the expert session: An unplugged one to one discussion

    Artificial Intelligencein optimizing Respiratory therapy practices

    Speaker : Mrs. Moumita ChakrabortyMSc. RT
    Lecturer/Clinical coordinator, Narayana Hrudayalaya Institute of Health Sciences, Bangalore

    Novel Therapies in Respiratory diseases: A focus on immuno therapy and genetherapy

    Speaker : Dr. Shridhar M Gidaganti MD,IDCCM
    Consultant in Critical care Medicine, KauveryHospital, Bangalore

    Airway clearance: What is new?

    Speaker : Mrs. Bijula T VBSc. RT
    Senior Respiratory Therapist, Mahavir Jain Hospital,Bangalore


    Lung volume measurement in mechanically ventilated patients

    Speaker : Dr. Saumy Johnson PhD, RPSGT, FIARC
    Associate professor, AIMS, Cochin

    Tobaccocessation; Roleof Respiratory Therapists

    Speaker : Ms. Shireen Firoz. BSc. RT
    Respiratory Therapist, AIMS, Cochin

    Approach to massive hemoptysis: An overview

    Speaker : Mr. Vishnu T. C.BSc. RT
    Senior Respiratory Therapist, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore

    Q & A

    Supportive measures in mechanically ventilated children

    Speaker : Ms. Anjali KotianMSc. RT
    Assistant Professor & Respiratory Therapist, Department of Respiratory Therapy,Yenepoya Hospitals, Yenepoya School of Allied Health Sciences, Mangalore

    Non-invasive ventilation in neonates; past,present and future

    Speaker : Mrs. Mangal S MadawalMSc. RT,FNNF
    Lecturer, BGS Global Institutes, Bangalore

    Neonatal and pediatric ARDS;Are they thesame as adult ARDS?

    Speaker : Mr. JibuPappachanBSc. RT,MBA
    Respiratory Therapist, Sidra Medicine,Doha,Qatar

    Q & A, Lunch Break

    Research methodology and basics of biostatistics

    Speaker : Dr. Vikneshwaran G MD,DNB,DM
    Consultant,Clinical Research,Narayana Heath City,Bangalore

    How to make a great presentation

    Speaker : Ms. Madhuragauri Shevade MSc. RT,RRT-NPS,FIARC
    Manager Training Programmes, Chest Research and Training Pvt Ltd

    Standardization of education of Respiratory Therapy

    Speaker : Dr. Jithin K Sree PhD, FISQua,FIARC
    General Secretary IARC,
    Assistant Professor, University of Doha for Science & Technology

    Overview of ECMO: Working, Principles, Types, indications, contraindications

    Speaker : Mr. Nithin GeorgeBS-RT, RRT-NPS
    ECMO Specialist, Sidra Medicine,UAE

    Landmark trials in respiratory care: An overview

    Speaker : Dr. Sameer BansalMD,DNB,IDCCM
    Consultant,Pulmonary Medicine,Apollo Hospitals,Bangalore

    Q & A, TEA BREAK

    Day - 3 : 08-Oct-2023

    Topics Faculty Location

    Wibble Wobble - High Frequency Oscillation in NICU

    Couse Description; The one-day HFOV workshop provides comprehensive training on High Frequency Oscillation in NICU.

    Does the thought of HFOV make you shake with fear?
    -No worries we are here to discuss when to use it , what it does and how to turn the knob and wibble wobble.

    Mr.JeevanlalKM, BscRT, RespiratoryTherapist SidraMedicine Doha,Qatar

    Mr.JibuPappachan BscRT,MBA RespiratoryTherapist SidraMedicine Doha,Qatar

    Mr.NithinGeorge RRT,NPS(USA) RespiratoryTherapist SidraMedicine Doha,Qatar

    Mr.Shareef.NM BSc.RT,MBA,Senior In-charge Respiratory Therapist,Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore.

    Sparsh Super Speciality Hospital, InfantryRoad,Bangalore

    Point of care ultrasound

    Couse Description;The one-day Lung ultrasound workshop provides comprehensive training on lung ultrasound.

    Evolving scintific role of lung ultrasound in respiratory care.

    Chief Consultant Intensivist, Specialist Hospital,Bangalore.

    Program Director of RespiratoryCare, Department of Health and Medical Sciences,(KhawarizmiInternationalCollege,AbuDhabi,UAE)

    Ms.Mahera Tabassum.
    Senior In-charge Respiratory Therapist Specialist Hospital,Bangalore.

    Mrs.KumariSulochana BScRT,MScRT,FNIV
    Senior In-charge Respiratory Therapist,BharatiHospital,pune

    Specialist Hospital, Bangalore

    Adult and pediatric ECMO

    Couse Description;The one-day ECMO workshop provides comprehensive training on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), a life-saving technique used in critical care. Participants will learn about ECMO indications, equipment setup, patient management, troubleshooting,and ECMO weaning through hands-on simulations and expert-led discussions. This course is designed for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their skills in managing patients who require ECMO support.

    Dr.Harish Mallapura Maheshwarappa
    Director-Institute of Critical Care Medicine, Kauvery Hospitals,Bengaluru

    Ms.Ummi Salma
    Senior Respiratory Therapist,Narayana Health City,Bangalore

    Dr. Chiran Babu A
    Senior Consultant - Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery,Kauvery Hospitals Electronic City Bengaluru

    Dr. Nagesh R
    Consultant and Head, Medical administrator
    Department of Anaesthesia Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City Bengaluru

    Dr. Manjunath T
    Consultant Critical Care Medicine
    Manipal Hospital, Whitefield Bengaluru

    Dr. Gourishankar Reddy M
    Consultant and Head MICU
    BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

    Dr. Shivangi Mishra
    Consultant Intensivist
    Manipal Hospital Whitefield Bengaluru

    Dr. Rishi Tiwari
    DrNB (CTVS)Fellow pediatric and congenital cardiac surgery,
    Narayana Hrudayalaya Bengaluru

    Dr. Srivatsa S Komarlu
    Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist
    Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City Bengaluru

    Mr. P.V.S. Prakash
    Consultant Clinical Perfusionist and Head of the Department,
    Department of Clinical Perfusion Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals Bengaluru

    Mr. Kalaimani Dhandapani
    Clinical Perfusionist,Department of Clinical Perfusion
    Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals Bengaluru

    Kauvery Hospital Marathahalli,Bengalore

    • The workshop topics are developed in accordance with the guidelines and standards set forth by the IARC, ensuring a learning experience that is comprehensive, relevant, and of the highest quality.
    • These topics cover the essential areas in respiratory therapy, including:
      • Wibble Wobble - High Frequency Oscillation in NICU
      • Point of care ultrasound
      • Adult and pediatric ECMO

    Event Venue

    Bangalore Medical College, Bengaluru

    Fort, Krishna Rajendra Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002


    • Rescare is the annual national conference of IARC conducted primarily for the Respiratory Therapists in India.RESCARE 2023 is the 16th National Conference of IARC.

    • RESCARE’23 will be a two day event with the first day consisting of scientific sessions; predominantly by RTs, Symposiums, Poster & Podium presentations, Quiz competition,Cultural Programs especially for the students, where the winning candidates are felicitated. In addition to this, we have also included an art exhibition where creative RTs can showcase their artistic skills too. The second day will be a scientific fiesta with various talks by some eminent speakers, dignitaries, RT students as well as interactive sessions. RESCARE is also a platform for the Annual General Body meeting as well as Executive meeting of the IARC office bearers.

    • Any health care professionals or students of any health specialty can register for the conference. However, special concession in registration fee is applicable only to IARC members.

    • RESCARE is usually conducted during the month of October by institutions that provide Respiratory Therapy/ Respiratory Care Technology courses.

    • All the payments are online. The link for registration is available on the official conference/IARC page.

    • Yes. RESCARE is an event for the RT community and by the RT community. Volunteers are always welcome to be a part of this, provided they should be an active participant.

    • All the queries may be directed to the Organizing Secretary or Joint-Secretary who will give you necessary guidance Email:

    • Yes, you can definitely attend RESCARE

    • Yes, you can register as a member during RESCARE for which you need to follow the requirements mentioned in the IARC webpage. There will be a membership booth and volunteers available for your assistance.

    • There will not be any refund or cancellation of registration under any circumstances. In an unlikely event of cancellation of RESCARE, the refund details will be announced on the official website.

    Fee Structure

    Here is our fee structure

    Conference Fees Structure

    Category Price (INR)
    IARC Student - Members INR 2800
    Non IARC Student Members INR 3500

    Category Price (INR)
    IARC Members INR 4600
    Non IARC Members INR 5300
    Category Price (INR)
    IARC Student Members 3000
    Non IARC Student Members 3900
    IARC Delegates 5000
    Non IARC Delegates 5800

    Workshop Fees Structure

    Category Price (INR)
    IARC Student - Members INR 1400
    Non IARC Student Members INR 2000

    Category Price (INR)
    IARC Members INR 2000
    Non IARC Members INR 2800

    Conference + Workshop Fees Structure

    Category Price (INR)
    IARC Student - Members INR 4100
    Non IARC Student Members INR 5500

    Category Price (INR)
    IARC Members INR 6600
    Non IARC Members INR 7600


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